Restoring Integrity:

John Rafferty’s top priority is to reshape, reform and restore integrity and public confidence in the Office of Attorney General.  With the scandals enveloping the current attorney general, the Office has lost its ability to operate in an effective manner.

On his first day in office, John Rafferty will implement a comprehensive ethics policy, based on standards set forth by the U.S. Department of Justice, in place to ensure that all employees in the Office of Attorney General are abiding by a strict code of conduct.

Additionally, John Rafferty will begin a comprehensive review of all departments, employees, and procedures.  Despite the lack of solid leadership in the Office, John knows there are experienced, qualified and dedicated agents and employees working in the Office of Attorney General to protect Pennsylvanians and he will do everything in his power to put them in a position to succeed in their shared mission to keep Pennsylvanians safe.


No Politics Pledge:

John Rafferty believes that decisions made in the Office of Attorney General need to be made without political considerations.

Public distrust in the Office of Attorney General is at an all-time high. The Office of Attorney General needs to elect a leader who is committed to doing the right things for the right reasons, not for their own political future.

That is why John Rafferty has taken a pledge that, if elected, he will not run for higher office.  He wants to be attorney general because the commonwealth needs a strong leader in their chief law enforcement officer, not because it is a stepping stone on the way to the governor’s mansion.

It is time to take politics out of the Office of Attorney General.


Heroin Epidemic:

John Rafferty unveiled a “multi-pronged strategy” to fight heroin trafficking and heroin abuse in Pennsylvania.

Rafferty’s plan centers around the creation of a Heroin Strike Force within the Office of Attorney General to provide training for law enforcement personnel and improved coordination between federal, state and local law enforcement agencies. John will also expand treatment programs for those addicted to heroin and promote public awareness through a statewide campaign emphasizing the “deadly dangers of heroin abuse.”

Pledging to “leave no stone unturned” in the fight to stop heroin abuse in our Commonwealth,” Rafferty strategy includes three interconnected elements:

  • A Heroin Strike Force comprised of highly training Bureau of Narcotics Investigation agents, drug prosecutors and intelligence analysts who would work together to target mid-to-upper-level drug dealers.  The task force would work closely with federal, state and local law enforcement agencies to identify out-of-state sources and coordinate efforts to investigate, prosecute and jail heroin traffickers.
  • Enhanced training for police agencies and better coordination between law enforcement and prosecutors at all levels of government for improved intelligence collection, interdiction and prosecution of cases.
  • A heavy emphasis on treatment for individuals addicted to heroin, a public education campaign to increase awareness and education programs in schools to teach young people how deadly heroin can be.


Child Predator Unit:

The prevention and prosecution of child abuse will be a top priority in a Rafferty administration.

The Megan’s Law site is a critically important tool in helping to protect our state’s most vulnerable citizens, our children, from sexually violent predators who seek to steal the innocence of our youth.  Too often, despite best efforts to ensure these predators are registered with accurate information, people are in the system with old addresses. John Rafferty will work with local prosecutors, state and local police, sheriffs and other local officials to organize and perform increased audits of the Megan’s Law database to ensure we have accurate contact information for dangerous predators.  If predators are not found at the address they have listed, we will find them.  The Office of Attorney General must serve as a leader in helping to ensure this information is correct.

Pennsylvania’s schools, colleges and universities and families count on this information to be correct.  If your family lives next door to someone who has committed one of these despicable crimes, John Rafferty wants you to know that important information.

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School Safety Task Force:

John Rafferty will employ a School Safety Task Force in the Office of Attorney General who will advise staff on draft plans, coordinate and train local authorities, school administrators, teachers, parents and students on what to do in the case of a natural disaster, violent event or terrorist situation. Having a well-defined plan saves lives.  Additionally, the Office of Attorney General will be a leader in helping authorities, administrators, parents, teachers and fellow students in recognizing when a child is showing signs of having a serious issue that could lead to someone harming another person or themselves.

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